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Sintering Furnace For Gaskets

Sunkoo Builds Complete, packaged and modularly built ovens for heating, drying, baking, or curing in your laboratory or industrial applications based upon standard design features and modular design options below. Each oven is engineered and constructed for years of dependable service and for easy low cost maintenance. With our modular oven design integration capability, your capital outlay is reduced by purchasing only those features that your product or process require. Safety, serviceability, and efficiency by design assures long term savings in use.

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Sintering Furnace For Moulded Rods/Tubes

This high tech furnace has an adjustable blind between drying and sintering zone, the lamellas of this blind can be cooled. As these two zones can not be influenced because of the stack affect, the required temperature profile can be well controlled in the drying as well as also in the sintering zone. This sintering furnace is available with different sizes. Herewith the furnace can be adapted to the respective requests and the available space.

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Natural Gas PTFE Furnace

Sunkoo produces PTFE Sintering Furnace suitable for PTFE products / components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Furnace in different sizes as per client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Furnace are good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability.

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