Sunkoo supplies drying and sintering furnaces especially for the PTFE processing as well as preheating furnace for Molded rods/tubes.

production of Moulded rods and tubes (development of Sunkoo). Herewith the furnace can be adapted to the respective requests and the available space.

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Natural Gas PTFE Furnace

Sunkoo produces PTFE Sintering Furnace suitable for PTFE products / components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Furnace in different sizes as per client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Furnace are good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability.

Internal air circulation for good temperature distribution;Excess temperature cut-off;Control equipment electrically interlocked...

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Our Priority at SUKO

Our first and foremost priority is the soundness of the product. We firmly believe that “The product offered must give the customer, not only what he expects, but true value, besides being an engineering marvel.”