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Company overview

"Jiangsu Sunkoo Machine Tech Co., Ltd " is a dynamic and innovative organization  for Manufacturing the PTFE related Furnace/Oven equipment. The product range covers various type of water PTFE oven include electrical and natural gas types for PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Moulded Rods, PTFE Moulded Tubes, PTFE Bushes etc. All the oven can be customized upon the customer choice.

Our Priority at SUNKOO:

Our first and foremost priority is the soundness of the product. We firmly believe that “The product offered must give the customer, not only what he expects, but true value, besides being an engineering marvel.”

Sunkoo’s enormous strength comes from a wonderful combination of its highly efficient and professional management and a dedicated workforce of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians and marketing personnel, which in turn, leads to world-class manufacturing, testing and R & D , besides meeting requirements of clients’ specifications globally.

Each and every component of our products is manufactured under strict supervision of our highly qualified, technically trained and experienced engineers. Our products reflect Sunkoo’s assurance of quality. State-of-the-art technology, latest machinery and continuous research and development are the key elements of our success.

SUNKOO refers to latest world class resource material such as technical book and vast of technical subscriptions to keep up with best know how in the industry.


Standard Features of Sunkoo Oven:

·         Compact modular design

·         Gear motor operated

·         Excess temperature cut-off

·         Control equipment electrically interlocked

·         Heavy duty construction

·         Provided air inlet and exhaust system

·         High thermal efficiency and low resistance

·         Internal air circulation for good temperature distribution

·         Single owing type comprising a door front of heavy gauge steel

·         Provided open type strip heater for required heating load

·         Composite blanket insulation

·         PLC display is available


Sunkoo Strength:

·         Established in 2004

·         Experience of more than 12 years

·         Different PTFE Oven models

·         Many customers links in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asian countries.

·         Primary focus on developing Custom-Made Machinery to suit all applications and of vast industry.


Customer Care at SUNKOO:


We, at Sunkoo, give utmost attention and take care even of a small suggestion of the customer.

At Sunkoo, we believe in optimization of productivity and proficiency, which leads to quality. We make value addition, by customizing product by engineering modifications, so the customers get what they want and what they pay for. We humbly acknowledge the trust reposed by our customers in not only our product, but also in our service and after sales support.

We, with our sophisticated and fully computerized inventory system, are quite capable of swiftly dispatching our orders and provide instant updates of orders, billing, and inventory and provide information for any query.